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            Rachel Campos-Duffy explains why you can have it all; just not all at once

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            Poor Women, Kids Need Food Stamps Not Millionaires, Lottery Winners

            The Trump Administration is right to close this loophole.

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            Is Marriage Becoming a Luxury Item?

            Fewer believe that they have the economic security to marry.

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            Nearly Half U.S. Homeless Live in One State: California

            Five U. S. cities with highest homelessness rates: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Seattle.

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            Why Ilhan Omar is So Wrong to Compare Border Detention of Illegal Immigrants to Slavery

            Border detainees are not slaves they are lawbreakers.

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            What (Professional) Women Want: Two New Studies Show Disproportionate Percentage Prefer Part-time Work

            The studies survey lawyers and doctors.

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            Two Truths and a Lie: United Nations

            Can you identify which of the following is NOT true about the United Nations?

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            No, Justice Ginsburg, we don't need a constitutional amendment to protect equal rights for women

            Via The Hill

            by Inez Feltscher Stepman

            But Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is determined to lend her support to an amendment that could make it impossible for U.S. law to draw any distinction between the two sexes.

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            A Vaping Ban Won’t Solve The Problem, It Will Only Make It Worse

            Via Townhall

            by Julie Gunlock

            The usually quiet first lady spoke for millions of mothers when she expressed her concern about growing rates of teen vaping.

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            The rape kit ‘backlog’ narrative lets police off the hook

            Via The Boston Globe

            by Jennifer C. Braceras

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            Why is Marsha Lazareva still being held captive in Kuwait?

            Via New York Post

            by Elisha Maldonado

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            Will It Be Game-Set-Match for Women's Sports?

            by Jennifer C. Braceras

            A U.S. Supreme Court transgender discrimination case could carry unintended consequences for female athletes, the authors argue.

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            Middle East Studies Programs Deserve Scrutiny to Weed Out Bias ? Fox & Friends

            Tulsi Gabbard Taunts Current Administration on Foreign Policy Decisions ? Your World with Neil Cavuto

            Partisan Party Politics Turns American Voters Off ? Lou Dobbs Tonight


            Should Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Be Impeached? ? WGBH ? Listen >>>

            China, a techno-repressive surveillance state: from 1989 to 2019, the Red Chinese have learned nothing ? The John Batchelor Show ? Listen >>>

            Walmart to Stop Alaska Handgun Sales, End Sales of Short-Barrel Rifle and Handgun Ammo Nationwide ? Steve Gruber Show ? Listen >>>


            Q&A: Claudia Rosett

            Via The Collegian

            by Claudia Rosett

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            Independent Women’s Forum: Girls’ and Women’s Sports in Jeopardy

            Via National Review

            by Jennifer C. Braceras

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            Location, location, huge mortgage, location

            Via Joanne Jacobs

            by Carrie L. Lukas

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